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By Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan is the Founder, CEO and Co-Owner of Tampa’s Best Real Estate Agent Team, The Duncan Duo, the Host of The Duncan Duo Real Estate Show Sundays at 10am on 970AM WFLA. As the team’s Founder, CEO & Co-Owner, Andrew’s focus is on the growth of the company, marketing and promotion initiatives as well as motivating and coaching the team’s agents and leadership.

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If you’re in the market as a buyer or seller of luxury real estate, the agent selection process differs significantly from that of purchasing an average-priced home.

In my company, we operate under a specialist model, meaning our agents have distinct areas of expertise. They excel in assisting various client needs, be it investors, condo buyers, land buyers, or those looking to buy or sell luxury real estate.

“Our agents are specifically trained for luxury. ”

Not every agent in my company handles luxury homebuyers who walk through our doors. In recent months, we’ve successfully closed transactions worth $6.8 million, $5.5 million, and several others exceeding $1 million. The agents responsible for these achievements have undergone specialized training, hold relevant designations, and possess extensive experience in aggressive negotiation. Their primary goal is to help our affluent clients maximize their real estate investments.

When considering my company for your luxury real estate needs, you may notice my name associated with both luxury listings and lower-priced properties. It’s important to understand that the agents in my team are specifically trained to cater to clients looking to buy or sell luxury real estate. Hiring a friend or an agent without the necessary expertise for your high-end property could potentially cost you a significant amount of money.

If you need help buying or selling a home, call or email my team. We’d love to help you achieve your goals.